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Handmade Hero
Day 001: Setting Up the Windows Build
Day 001qa: Setting Up the Windows Build - Q&A
Day 002: Opening a Win32 Window
Day 002qa: Opening a Win32 Window - Q&A
Day 003: Allocating a Back Buffer
Day 004: Animating the Back Buffer
Day 005: Windows Graphics Review
Day 006: Gamepad and Keyboard Input
Day 007: Initializing DirectSound
Day 008: Writing a Square Wave to DirectSound
Day 009: Variable-Pitch Sine Wave Output
Day 010: QueryPerformanceCounter and RDTSC
Day 011: The Basics of Platform API Design
Day 012: Platform-independent Sound Output
Day 013: Platform-independent User Input
Day 014: Platform-independent Game Memory
Day 015: Platform-independent Debug File I/O
Day 016: VisualStudio Compiler Switches
Day 017: Unified Keyboard and Gamepad Input
Day 018: Enforcing a Video Frame Rate
Day 019: Improving Audio Synchronization
Day 020: Debugging the Audio Sync
Day 021: Loading Game Code Dynamically
Day 022: Instantaneous Live Code Editing
Day 023: Looped Live Code Editing
Day 024: Win32 Platform Layer Cleanup
Day 025: Finishing the Win32 Prototyping Layer
Day 026: Introduction to Game Architecture
Day 027: Exploration-based Architecture
Day 028: Drawing a Tile Map
Day 029: Basic Tile Map Collision Checking
Day 030: Moving Between Tile Maps
Day 031: Tilemap Coordinate Systems
Day 032: Unified Position Representation
Day 033: Virtualized Tile Maps
Day 034: Tile Map Memory
Day 035: Basic Sparse Tilemap Storage
Day 036: Loading BMPs
Day 037: Basic Bitmap Rendering
Day 038: Basic Linear Bitmap Blending
Day 039: Basic Bitmap Rendering Cleanup
Day 040: Cursor Hiding and Fullscreen Support
Day 041: Overview of the Types of Math Used in Games
Day 042: Basic 2D Vectors
Day 043: The Equations of Motion
Day 044: Reflecting Vectors
Day 045: Geometric vs. Temporal Movement Search
Day 046: Basic Multiplayer Support
Day 047: Vector Lengths
Day 048: Line Segment Intersection Collisions
Day 049: Debugging Canonical Coordinates
Day 050: Basic Minkowski-based Collision Detection
Day 051: Separating Entities By Update Frequency
Day 052: Entity Movement in Camera Space
Day 053: Environment Elements as Entities
Day 054: Removing the Dormant Entity Concept
Day 055: Hash-based World Storage
Day 056: Switch from Tiles to Entities
Day 057: Spatially Partitioning Entities
Day 058: Using the Spatial Partition
Day 059: Adding a Basic Familiar Entity
Day 060: Adding Hitpoints
Day 061: Adding a Simple Attack
Day 062: Basic Moving Projectiles
Day 063: Simulation Regions
Day 064: Mapping Entity Indexes to Pointers
Day 065: Finishing the Simulation Region Change
Day 066: Adding Support for Non-spatial Entities
Day 067: Making Updates Conditional
Day 068: Exact Enforcement of Maximum Movement Distances
Day 069: Pairwise Collision Rules
Day 070: Exploration To-do List
Day 071: Converting to Full 3D Positioning
Day 072: Proper 3D Inclusion Tests
Day 073: Temporarily Overlapping Entities
Day 074: Moving Entities Up and Down Stairwells
Day 075: Conditional Movement Based on Step Heights
Day 076: Entity Heights and Collision Detection
Day 077: Entity Ground Points
Day 078: Multiple Collision Volumes Per Entity
Day 079: Defining the Ground
Day 080: Handling Traversables in the Collision Loop
Day 081: Creating Ground with Overlapping Bitmaps
Day 082: Caching Composited Bitmaps
Day 083: Premultiplied Alpha
Day 084: Scrolling Ground Buffer
Day 085: Transient Ground Buffers
Day 086: Aligning Ground Buffers to World Chunks
Day 087: Seamless Ground Textures
Day 088: Push Buffer Rendering
Day 089: Renderer Push Buffer Entry Types
Day 090: Bases Part I
Day 091: Bases Part II
Day 092: Filling Rotated and Scaled Rectangles
Day 093: Textured Quadrilaterals
Day 094: Converting sRGB to Light-linear Space
Day 095: Gamma-correct Premultiplied Alpha
Day 096: Introduction to Lighting
Day 097: Adding Normal Maps to the Pipeline
Day 098: Normal Map Code Cleanup
Day 099: Test Enviroment Maps
Day 100: Reflection Vectors
Day 101: The Inverse and the Transpose
Day 102: Transforming Normals Properly
Day 103: Card-like Normal Map Reflections
Day 104: Switching to Y-is-up Render Targets
Day 105: Cleaning Up the Renderer API
Day 106: World Scaling
Day 107: Fading Z Layers
Day 108: Perspective Projection
Day 109: Resolution-Independent Rendering
Day 110: Unprojecting Screen Boundaries
Day 111: Resolution-Independent Ground Chunks
Day 112: A Mental Model of CPU Performance
Day 113: Simple Performance Counters
Day 114: Preparing a Function for Optimization
Day 115: SIMD Basics
Day 116: Converting Math Operations to SIMD
Day 117: Packing Pixels for the Framebuffer
Day 118: Wide Unpacking and Masking
Day 119: Counting Intrinsics
Day 120: Measuring Port Usage with IACA
Day 121: Rendering in Tiles (Marathon)
Day 122: Introduction to Multithreading
Day 123: Interlocked Operations
Day 124: Memory Barriers and Semaphores
Day 125: Abstracting the Work Queue
Day 126: Circular FIFO Work Queue
Day 127: Aligning Rendering Memory
Day 128: Push-time Transforms
Day 129: Adding Orthographic Projection
Day 130: Seamless Bilinear Tiling
Day 131: Asynchronous Ground Chunk Composition
Day 132: Asset Streaming
Day 133: Preliminary Asset Structuring
Day 134: Mapping Assets to Bitmaps
Day 135: Typed Asset Arrays
Day 136: Tag-based Asset Retrieval
Day 137: Matching Periodic Tags
Day 138: Loading WAV Files
Day 139: Introduction to Sound Mixing
Day 140: Implemented a Sound Mixer
Day 141: Streaming Large Audio in Chunks
Day 142: Per-sample Volume Interpolation
Day 143: Pitch Shifting in the Mixer
Day 144: SSE Mixer Pre and Post Loops
Day 145: SSE Mixer Main Loop
Day 146: Accumulation vs. Explicit Calculation
Day 147: Defining the Asset File
Day 148: Writing the Asset File Header
Day 149: Writing Assets to the Asset File
Day 150: Loading Assets from the Asset File
Day 151: New Platform File API
Day 152: New Win32 File API Implementation
Day 153: Merging Multiple Asset Files
Day 154: Finding Assets Files with Win32
Day 155: Introduction to Particle Systems
Day 156: Lagrangian vs. Eulerian Simulation
Day 157: Introduction to General Purpose Allocation
Day 158: Tracking Asset Usage
Day 159: Cleaning Up the Loaded Asset Infrastructure
Day 160: Basic General Purpose Allocation
Day 161: Finishing the General Purpose Allocator
Day 162: Introduction to Fonts
Day 163: Asset Processing with STB TrueType
Day 164: Asset Processing with Windows Fonts
Day 165: Fixing an Asset System Thread Bug
Day 166: Adding Locks to the Asset Operations
Day 167: Finishing Win32 Font Glyph Extraction
Day 168: Rendering Lines of Text
Day 169: Aligning Text to a Baseline
Day 170: Defining Font Metadata
Day 171: Adding Font Metadata to the Asset Builder
Day 172: Extracting Kerning Tables from Windows
Day 173: Precise Font Alignment
Day 174: Adding Sparse Unicode Support
Day 175: Finishing Sparse Unicode Support
Day 176: Introduction to Debug Infrastructure
Day 177: Automatic Performance Counters
Day 178: Thread-safe Performance Counters
Day 179: Tracking Debug Information Over Time
Day 180: Adding Debug Graphs
Day 181: Log-based Performance Counters
Day 182: Fast Thread ID Retrieval
Day 183: Platform Layer Debug Events
Day 184: Collating Debug Events
Day 185: Finishing Basic Debug Collation
Day 186: Starting to Debug Event Recording
Day 187: Fixing an Event Recording Bug
Day 188: Adding Hover to the Debug Graphs
Day 189: Incremental Debug Frame Processing
Day 190: Cleaning Up Debug Globals
Day 191: Implementing a Radial Menu
Day 192: Implementing Self-Recompilation
Day 193: Run-time Setting of Compile-time Variables
Day 194: Organizing Debug Variables into a Hierarchy
Day 195: Implementing an Interactive Tree View
Day 196: Introduction to UI Interactions
Day 197: Integrating Multiple Debug Views
Day 198: Run-time Editing of Debug Hierarchies
Day 199: Reusing Debug Interactions
Day 200: Debug Element Layout
Day 201: Isolating the Debug Code
Day 202: Multiply Appearing Debug Values
Day 203: Debug UI State Caching
Day 204: Unprojecting the Mouse Cursor
Day 205: Picking Entities with the Mouse
Day 206: Implementing Introspection
Day 207: Using Introspection Data
Day 208: Adding Data Blocks to the Debug Log
Day 209: Displaying Buffered Debug Data
Day 210: Consolidating Debug Data Storage
Day 211: Removing Records and Translation Units from the Debug Code
Day 212: Integrating Debug UI into Game Code
Day 213: Turning Debug Switches into Events
Day 214: Collating Permanent Debug Values
Day 215: Cleaning Up Debug Event Collation
Day 216: On-demand Deallocation
Day 217: Per-element Debug Event Storage
Day 218: Hashing Debug Elements
Day 219: Automatically Constructed Debug Hierarchies
Day 220: Displaying Data Blocks in the Hierarchy
Day 221: Implementing Multi-layer Cutscenes
Day 222: Laying Out Cutscenes
Day 223: Playing Multiple Cutscenes
Day 224: Prefetching Cutscene Layers
Day 225: Fading In and Out from the Windows Desktop
Day 226: Handling Multiple Metagame Modes
Day 227: Switching Between Metagame Modes
Day 228: Waiting for Dependent Tasks on Metagame Mode Changes
Day 229: Sorting Render Elements
Day 230: Refining Renderer Sort Keys
Day 231: Order Notation
Day 232: Examples of Sorting Algorithms
Day 233: Can We Merge Sort In Place?
Day 234: Implementing Radix Sort
Day 235: Initializing OpenGL on Windows
Day 236: GPU Conceptual Overview
Day 237: Displaying an Image with OpenGL
Day 238: Making OpenGL Use Our Screen Coordinates
Day 239: Rendering the Game Through OpenGL
Day 240: Moving the Renderer into a Third Tier
Day 241: OpenGL VSync and sRGB Extensions
Day 242: OpenGL Context Escalation
Day 243: Asynchronous Texture Downloads
Day 244: Finishing Asynchronous Texture Downloads
Day 245: Using wglChoosePixelFormatARB
Day 246: Moving Worker Context Creation to the Main Thread
Day 247: Simplifying Debug Values
Day 248: Cleaning Up Data Block Display
Day 249: Cleaning Up Debug Macros
Day 250: Cleaning Up Debug GUIDs
Day 251: Finishing the Debug Hierarchy
Day 252: Allowing Debug Value Edits
Day 253: Reenabling More Debug UI
Day 254: Reenabling Profiling
Day 255: Building a Profile Tree
Day 256: XBox Controller Stalls and Fixing GL Blit Gamma
Day 257: Cleaning Up Some Win32 Issues
Day 258: Fixing Profiling Across Code Reloads
Day 259: OpenGL and Software Renderer Cleanup
Day 260: Implementing Drill-down in the Profiler
Day 261: Changing to Static Frame Arrays
Day 262: Drawing Multi-frame Profile Graphs
Day 263: Adding a Debug Frame Slider
Day 264: Adding Buttons to the Profiler
Day 265: Cleaning Up the UI Layout Code
Day 266: Adding a Top Clocks Profile View
Day 267: Adding Per-Element Clipping Rectangles
Day 268: Consolidating Debug Links and Groups
Day 269: Cleaning Up Menu Drawing
Day 270: Making Traversable Points
Day 271: Hybrid Tile-based Movement
Day 272: Explicit Movement Transitions
Day 273: Animation Overview
Day 274: Dynamic Animation with Springs
Day 275: Passing Rotation and Shear to the Renderer
Day 276: Tuning the Body Animation
Day 277: The Sparse Entity System
Day 278: Moving Entity Storage into World Chunks
Day 279: Finishing World Chunk Entity Storage
Day 280: Cleaned Up Streaming Entity Simulation
Day 281: Animating the Camera Between Rooms
Day 282: Z Movement and Camera Motion
Day 283: Making Standing-on a More Rigorous Concept
Day 284: Reorganizing the Head and Body Code
Day 285: Transactional Occupation of Traversables
Day 286: Starting to Decouple Entity Behavior
Day 287: Adding Brains
Day 288: Finishing Brains
Day 289: Decoupling Visuals from Entity Types
Day 290: Finishing Separated Rendering
Day 291: Hopping Monstar and Occupying Trees
Day 292: Implementing Snakes
Day 293: Moving Familiars
Day 294: Adding the Glove
Day 295: Stacking Rooms for Z Layer Debugging
Day 296: Fog and Alpha for Layers
Day 297: Separating Entities into Z Layers
Day 298: Improving Sort Keys Part 1
Day 299: Improving Sort Keys Part 2
Day 300: Changing from Sort Keys to Sort Rules
Day 301: Sorting with Sprite Bounds
Day 302: Confirming No Total Ordering
Day 303: Trying Separate Y and Z Sorts
Day 304: Building and Traversing Graphs
Day 305: Using Memory Arenas in the Platform Layer
Day 306: Debugging Graph-based Sort
Day 307: Visualizing Sort Groups
Day 308: Debugging the Cycle Check
Day 309: Grid Partitioning for Overlap Testing
Day 310: Finishing Sort Acceleration via Gridding
Day 311: Allowing Manual Sorting
Day 312: Cross-entity Manual Sorting
Day 313: Returning to Work on Z Layers
Day 314: Breaking Sprites into Layers
Day 315: Un-reversing Sort Key Order
Day 316: Multiple Software Render Targets
Day 317: Alpha Blending Multiple Render Targets
Day 318: Optimizing Render Target Blends and Clears
Day 319: Inverse and Transpose Matrices
Day 320: Inverting a 2x2 Matrix by Hand
Day 321: Multiple OpenGL Render Targets
Day 322: Handling Multiple Display Aspect Ratios
Day 323: Fixing Miscellaneous Bugs
Day 324: Moving Away from Multiple OpenGL Contexts
Day 325: Ticket Mutexes
Day 326: Vararg Functions
Day 327: Parsing Printf Format Strings
Day 328: Integer and String Support in Printf
Day 329: Printing Out Floats Poorly
Day 330: Fixings Bugs from the Issue List
Day 331: Activating Entities by Brain
Day 332: Disabling Sort for Debug Overlays
Day 333: Floor-relative Perspective Transforms
Day 334: Adding Boost Pads
Day 335: Moving Entities on Boost Squares
Day 336: Adding a Particle System Cache
Day 337: Convenient SIMD for Particles
Day 338: Simulation-space Particles
Day 339: Debugging Particle Camera Offset Motion
Day 340: Cleaning Up World / Sim-Region Interactions
Day 341: Dynamically Growing Arenas
Day 342: Supporting Temporary Memory in Dynamic Arenas
Day 343: Saving and Restoring Dynamically Allocated Memory Pages
Day 344: Selective Memory Restoration
Day 345: Protecting Memory Pages for Underflow Detection
Day 346: Consolidating Memory Block Headers
Day 347: Debugging Win32 Memory List Corruption
Day 348: Debugging Cutscene Z and Traversable Creation
Day 349: Running Multiple Sim Regions
Day 350: Multithreaded World Simulation
Day 351: Optimizing Multithreaded Simulation Regions
Day 352: Isolating the Camera Update Code
Day 353: Simple RLE Compression
Day 354: Simple LZ Compression
Day 355: Clearing Out Pending GitHub Bugs
Day 356: Making the Debug System CLANG Compatible
Day 357: Room-based Camera Zoom
Day 358: Introduction to Depth Buffers
Day 359: OpenGL Projection Matrices Revisited
Day 360: Moving the Perspective Divide to OpenGL
Day 361: Introduction to 3D Rotation Matrices
Day 362: Matrix Multiplication and Transform Order
Day 363: Making an Orbiting Debug Camera
Day 364: Enabling the OpenGL Depth Buffer
Day 365: Adjusting Sprite Cards to Counter Projection
Day 366: Adding Cubes to the Renderer
Day 367: Enabling OpenGL Multisampling
Day 368: Compiling and Linking Shaders in OpenGL
Day 369: Introduction to Vertex and Fragment Shaders
Day 370: Shader Fallback sRGB
Day 371: OpenGL Vertex Arrays
Day 372: Using Strictly OpenGL Core Profile
Day 373: Inverting the Full 3D Transform
Day 374: Debugging Z Transform and Bias
Day 375: Adding Distance-based Fog
Day 376: Drawing Debug Volumes
Day 377: Improving Collision Volumes and the Camera
Day 378: Adding More Camera Behaviors
Day 379: Debug Overlay Cleanup and Render Group Performance Investigation
Day 380: Attempting (and Failing) to Fix the Clock
Day 381: Two-pass Depth Peeling
Day 382: Depth Peel Compositing
Day 383: Fixing Depth Peel Artifacts
Day 384: Dynamically Responding to Render Settings
Day 385: Trying Multisampled Depth Peels
Day 386: Implementing a Custom Multisample Resolve
Day 387: Further Attempts at Multisampled Depth Peeling
Day 388: Successful Multisampled Depth-Peeling
Day 389: Adding Simple Lighting
Day 390: Adding Simple Phong Lighting
Day 391: Planning Better Lighting
Day 392: Creating Lighting Textures
Day 393: Planning Lighting from Depth Peels
Day 394: Basic Multigrid Lighting Upward Iteration
Day 395: Basic Multigrid Lighting Down Iteration
Day 396: Rendering Lighting Information from the Game
Day 397: Converting Depth Peel Data to Lighting Data
Day 398: Applying Lighting Back to Depth Peels
Day 399: Creating a CPU-side Lighting Testbed
Day 400: Adding an Ambient Occlusion Pass
Day 401: Debugging Lighting Transfer
Day 402: Adding Raycasting to the Lighting
Day 403: Off-line Lighting and Per-vertex Reflectors
Day 404: Voxel-Indexed Lighting Samples
Day 405: Crashing the Stream with a Fragment Shader
Day 406: Getting a Graphics Debugger Working
Day 407: Starting to Debug Volume Textures
Day 408: Finishing Debugging Volume Textures
Day 409: Smoother Blending of Lighting Samples
Day 410: Tracking Incident Light
Day 411: Switching to Rectangular Lighting Elements
Day 412: Debugging Voxel Interpolation
Day 413: Encoding Light Values
Day 414: Improving Light Distribution
Day 415: Per-primitive Lighting Samples
Day 416: Separating Lighting and Geometry Submission
Day 417: Adding a Debug View for Lighting Points
Day 418: Smoothing Light Samples Over Time
Day 419: Debugging Missing Lighting
Day 420: Pushing Lighting Information Directly
Day 421: Passing Lighting as Boxes
Day 422: Raycasting AABBs Directly
Day 423: Modifying Lighting to Use a Spatial Hierarchy
Day 424: Modifying Lighting to Use a Spatial Hierarchy
Day 425: Entity-based Lighting Storage
Day 426: Debugging Lighting Persistence
Day 427: Debugging Lighting Flicker
Day 428: Tracking Light Proportional to Photons per Second
Day 429: Multiresolution Light Sampling
Day 430: Stratifying and Multithreading the Lighting
Day 431: SIMD Raycasting
Day 432: Finishing the Main SIMD Raycasting Loop
Day 433: Optimizing Ray vs. AABB Intersections
Day 434: Replacing the Pseudo-random Number Generator
Day 435: Removing the CRT from the Win32 Loader
Day 436: Spiral and Blue Noise Distributions on the Sphere
Day 437: Switching to Precomputed Hemisphere Distributions
Day 438: Switching to Cosine-weighted Poisson Sampling
Day 439: Testing Better Entropy
Day 440: Introduction to Function Approximation with Andrew Bromage
Day 441: Never, Ever Update Your Development Tools. Ever.
Day 442: Getting NSight Working
Day 443: Updating the Player Movement Code
Day 444: Stubbing Out the World Generator
Day 445: Cleaning Up Entity Creation
Day 446: Generating Possible Room Volumes
Day 447: Placing Adjacent Rooms
Day 448: Explicitly Placed Room Connections
Day 449: Preventing Overlapping Rooms
Day 450: Supporting All Room Connection Directions
Day 451: Updating Unproject
Day 452: Improving Camera Placement and Room Alignment
Day 453: Parsing PNG Headers
Day 454: Parsing ZLIB Headers
Day 455: Decoding PNG Huffman Tables
Day 456: Decoding PNG Length and Distance Extra Bits
Day 457: Implementing PNG Reconstruction Filters
Day 458: Debugging the PNG Reader
Day 459: Partitioning the PNG Reader for Integration
Day 460: Providing Platform File Information to the Game
Day 461: Checking for File Date Changes
Day 462: Extracting Asset Tiles from Gridded PNGs
Day 463: Preparing HHAs for Rewriting
Day 464: Applying Asset Types and Tags to Imported PNGs
Day 465: Updating HHAs from V0 to V1
Day 466: Loading and Displaying HHA Files as Text
Day 467: Updating the Game to HHA Version 1
Day 468: Handling Annotation Data During Import
Day 469: Downsampling Imported Assets
Day 470: Separating the Renderer Completely (Part 1)
Day 471: Separating the Renderer Completely (Part 2)
Day 472: Making a Simple Scene with the Separated Renderer
Day 473: Removing Screen Coordinates from the Render Group
Day 474: Removing the Transient State Concept
Day 475: Abstracting the Renderer Interface
Day 476: Providing Convenient Camera Controls
Day 477: Changing to Single Dispatch Per Pass (Part 1)
Day 478: Changing to Single Dispatch Per Pass (Part 2)
Day 479: Large Texture Support
Day 480: Debugging Large Texture Support
Day 481: Encoding Cube UVs
Day 482: Associating Tags with PNGs
Day 483: Debugging Tagged PNG Imports
Day 484: Debugging Multi-tile Import
Day 485: Adding Entity Placement to the World Generator
Day 486: Adding Multiple Alignment Points
Day 487: Hit-Testing Boxes in 3D
Day 488: Adding an In-Game Editor
Day 489: Implementing Undo and Redo
Day 490: Merging Debug and Developer UI
Day 491: Debugging the Basic Editor UI
Day 492: Adding More Editor Interactions
Day 493: Cleaning Up the Editor UI Layout
Day 494: Preparing Entity Pieces for Alignment Points
Day 495: Improving the Alignment Editing UI
Day 496: Debugging Attachment Point Transforms
Day 497: Starting on Asset System Cleanup
Day 498: Finishing Asset System Cleanup
Day 499: Unifying Debug and Editor Modes
Day 500: Saving HHAs Modified by the In-Game Editor
Day 501: Importing Orphans
Day 502: Adding Stairs to the Generator
Day 503: Constructing a Camera Easing Function
Day 504: Exploring Camera Interpolation Alternatives
Day 505: Placing Multiple Entities at a Time
Day 506: Improving Camera Motion
Day 507: LRU Texture Handle Reuse
Day 508: Fixing the Remaining GitHub Issues
Day 509: Creating Tags Files
Day 510: Making a Parser for HHTs
Day 511: Merging HHT Parsing into the Asset System
Day 512: Updating Assets via HHT Files
Day 513: Adding Raw Tokens and Alignment Point Parsing
Day 514: Separating Image and Metadata Imports
Day 515: Debugging HHT to HHA Packing
Day 516: Rewriting HHTs
Day 517: Inserting and Rewriting HHT Alignment Points
Day 518: Displaying Import Errors
Day 519: Brainstorming about Z Bias
Day 520: Solving for Debug Camera Parameters
Day 521: Debugging Missing Parent Pointers
Day 522: Solving for Sorting Displacement
Day 523: Introduction to Git
Day 524: Integrating WAV Importing
Day 525: Cleaning Up Import Tag Grids
Day 526: Single-Buffer Sound Streaming
Day 527: Making a Stand-Alone Font Extractor
Day 528: Writing HHTs from HHFont
Day 529: Debugging the PNG Writer
Day 530: Writing Large PNGs and Supersampling Fonts
Day 531: Parsing and Updating Font Metadata
Day 532: Finishing HHT-Based Font Importing
Day 533: Importing Particles, Scenery, and Items
Day 534: Heuristic Alpha Testing for Multi-Tile Import
Day 535: Minor Art Update, Reenabling Particles, Glove Fixes
Day 536: Proper Variant Distributions and Issue Cleanup
Day 537: Filling Areas Around Rooms
Day 538: Making a Grid-based Layout Helper
Day 539: Capturing Source Information for Memory Allocations
Day 540: Adding Memory Usage Visualization
Day 541: Adding Call Sites to the Arena Display
Day 542: Drawing Memory Occupancy Accurately
Day 543: Moving Unpacked Entities from the Sim Region to World
Day 544: Caching Unpacked Entities Across Frames
Day 545: Adding Ground Cover
Day 546: GPU MIP Mapping
Day 547: Starting the Move to Light Probes
Day 548: Voxelizing Light Probes
Day 549: Removing Old Lighting Lookups
Day 550: SIMD Raycast Point and Normal Computations
Day 551: Computing Probe to Probe Transmission
Day 552: Generating Sampling Spheres into an INL
Day 553: Improved Sphere Distributions
Day 554: Reducing GPU Memory Footprint
Day 555: Looking for GPU Performance Issues
Day 556: Optimizing Depth Peeling and Multisample Resolves
Day 557: Basic Dynamic Quad Output Optimizations
Day 558: Assigning Lighting Probe Slots
Day 559: Experimenting with Fragment Light Sampling
Day 560: Querying Irradiance Directly from Voxels
Day 561: Sampling Light Voxels with a Reflection Vector
Day 562: Testing Voxel Light Sampling
Day 563: Using the Light Probe Spatial Index
Day 564: Improving Trilinear Sampling Results
Day 565: Reconstructing Multiple Lights
Day 566: Moving to a Voxels-only Lighting Approach
Day 567: Large to Small Voxel Transfer
Day 568: Debugging the Raycaster
Day 569: Raycasting from Light Probe Locations
Day 570: Distinguishing Between Lights and Occluders
Day 571: Adding a Light Hierarchy
Day 572: Scrolling the Lighting Voxel
Day 573: Wiring Up Light Transport
Day 574: Experimenting with Voxel Filters
Day 575: Generalizing Code Reloading
Day 576: Octahedral Encoding
Day 577: Adding Octahedral Light Atlases
Day 578: Sampling Octahedral Atlases
Day 579: Debugging Octahedral Shading
Day 580: Investigating Octahedral Interpolation
Day 581: Preparing for Octahedral Indirect Lighting
Day 582: Converting Specular Maps to Diffuse
Day 583: Streamlining the New Lighting Pipeline
Day 584: Enabling Infinite-Bounce Lighting
Day 585: Centralized Light Atlas Handling
Day 586: Finishing Indirect Diffuse Sampling
Day 587: Optimizing the Specular to Diffuse Transform
Day 588: Aligning Light Voxels with the Camera
Day 589: Aligning Sampling Spheres with the Octahedral Map
Day 590: Starting Raycast Optimizations
Day 591: Making a Stand-alone Lighting Performance Test
Day 592: Capturing the Entire Lighting Data
Day 593: Debugging Lighting Validation
Day 594: Switching from Center-Radius to Min-Max
Day 595: Sketching Out A K-d Tree Loop
Day 596: Fleshing Out Kd-Tree Traversal
Day 597: Basic Kd-tree Construction
Day 598: Exploring Voxel Partitions for Raycasting
Day 599: Implementing the Grid Raycast Postamble
Day 600: Better AABB Normal Derivation
Day 601: Sketching Out the Walk Table Generator
Day 602: Early Termination for the Grid Raytracer
Day 603: Grid Raycaster Table Generation
Day 604: Adding a Voxel Utility Struct
Day 605: Cleaning Up the Lighting Code
Day 606: Debugging Grid Raycasting with Visualizations
Day 607: Finishing Debugging the Grid Raycaster
Day 608: Visualizing Lighting Values
Day 609: Reducing Light Contributions from Inaccessible Voxels
Day 610: Removing Incorrect Voxel-Voxel Reflections
Day 611: Examining the CPU Voxel Sampling
Day 612: First Pass Optimization of Voxel Sampling
Day 613: Merging the Raycaster with the Sampler
Day 614: Continuing Streamlining the Raycaster
Day 615: Optimized Grid Step Selection
Day 616: Tableless Grid Walk
Day 617: Half-resolution Spatial Grid
Day 618: Analyzing the Diffuse Blur